Throwback for Day 1 - MIA International Accountants Conference 2021

Assuring Consulting Sdn Bhd would like to wrap up for day 1 with interesting info. Based on Barry C. Melancon, the accounting profession is changing faster than ever before. It’s not just because of rapid technology advancements but Covid-19 has brought the profession’s relevance into sharp focus.

Based on the World Economic Forum Future of Jobs, 44% of the core skills employees need to perform their roles effectively will change by 2025. These are the growing skills on-demand:

1. Analytics thinking and innovation

2. Active learning and learning strategies

3. Complex problem-solving

4. Critical thinking and analysis

5. Creativity, originality, and initiative

6. Leadership and social influence

7. Technology use, monitoring, and control

8. Technology design and programming

9. Resilience, stress tolerance, and flexibility

10. Reasoning, problem-solving, and ideation

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