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Assuring Group Approach

We are the transaction monitoring specialists, with a sole focus on intelligent and automated transaction monitoring and expertise in its application across all industries.

Enlightened Business Monitoring

We are the transaction monitoring specialists, with a sole focus on intelligent and automated transaction monitoring and expertise in its application across all industries.


More than just exception reporting

Assuring Group’s fully automated solution alerts users when an exception has occurred. But we don’t stop at reporting exceptions.

Every business control monitoring solution has its own workflow for managing exceptions and ensuring that they are followed up on in a timely manner. This ensures that each closed exception has an action and a root cause.

We risk rate and prioritise exceptions to provide your management team with a real-time dashboard with clear visibility. This capability is built into our service as a default and supports our business improvement principles.

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Transaction Monitoring Specialists

As the only company with a pure focus and experience in automated transaction monitoring, our specialty is showing the truth of the transaction, as well as the systems, processes and controls that enable it. 

When Assuring Group shines a light through your entire organisation, every transaction in your business is wrapped in certainty. This is enlightened transaction monitoring in action, making insight, certainty, and confidence your business as usual. 

With clearer insights leading to smarter decisions and optimal performance – we provide certainty and peace of mind in a complex world. 

Continuous Monitoring

We’re the only organisation that automates and continuously optimises daily monitoring, in near real time, allowing you to resolve exceptions as they arise.

We work with you to continually refine your tests to ensure the most relevant exceptions are identified. This allows our solutions to evolve and update in line with the nature of your business.

100% Assurance

Our automated, daily monitoring delivers near-real-time visibility with the assurance that all issues are resolved before they impact your business. 

This delivers full control across your entire organisation, alerting users when an exception has occurred, across:  

  • Account payable
  • HR & Payroll
  • Corporate/Credit card
  • Anti Money Laundering
  • Fraud
  • Vendor Risk
  • Conflict of interest and more
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Through an experienced team of experts

At Assuring Group  we deliver a smooth and seamless implementation to ensure you receive the most effective business outcomes.

We offer direction and suggestions on where to begin and the best ways to establish continuous monitoring in your company. We ensure that the entire process is cooperative and supportive because we are aware that various departments and teams will be involved in your implementation.

Our company values responsiveness and collaborating with consumers. Our responsive and adaptable local Customer Success team will provide complete assistance for your business and users throughout the entirety of your customer journey and experience with us. The setup and continuous use of the Assuring Group Platform will be done in a professional and effective manner for your benefit.


It’s the critical component of every business

We can take data from almost any data source due to our expertise in continuous monitoring - typically your ERP, Payroll, Master Data, or internal sources like Active Directory or Microsoft Excel, but also third-party data sources as needed.

Giving you clear insight for smarter decision making

We have a large library of pre-built analytics that we can customise to fit your needs. Because you can examine multiple exceptions at the same time, this has immediate productivity benefits.


Your complete satisfaction and happiness is our No.1 priority

Our team prioritises communication and consultation with your management and end users throughout our engagement with you.

An agile approach is used for project delivery so that minor issues do not interfere with project delivery and required outcomes. This includes meeting deadlines and always leading from the front.

An established and structured Assuring Group team is in place throughout the engagement to ensure this process runs smoothly and effectively and delivers maximum business value with minimal disruption to your business as usual.

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