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Provide Visibility Into Risk & Mitigate the Cost of Managing It

Empower executives with visibility into risk – and deliver the confidence that comes from strategic risk management based in best practices.



Identify, assess and remediate risk in a comprehensive, unified risk program


Consolidate risk data across the entire organization

Save time

Save time and resources by implementing automated workflows based in a unified methodology across risk areas

Integrated Risk Management

Implement a strategic integrated risk management (IRM) program across your entire organization with ease. Save time to focus on strategic initiatives by centralizing GRC activities across the company and automating risk workflows in a unified assurance model.
  • Leverage a vertically integrated model of risk identification, assessment and mitigation across the three lines of defense
  • Easily combine data from different sources to ensure organizational alignment and a more holistic view of your risk factors
  • Contextualize and analyze data from disparate sources to proactively identify, prevent and mitigate risk in real time

Proactively Identify, Assess & Mitigate Risk Across Your Entire Organization

  • Connect the dots and capitalize on the insights and efficiencies created when you have a consolidated view of all your GRC activities
  • Easily integrate, contextualize and analyze disparate sets of data in real time to improve the integrity of your metrics and reduce your risk of error
  • Unlock the potential of your data to uncover deeper insights, whether it’s gaps in your control environment or complex cases of fraud
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End-to-End IT & Cyber Risk Management

Protect your critical information with proactive cyber risk and IT risk management by deploying a scalable, best-in-class program. Swiftly prioritize and mitigate risk to prevent costly data breaches and build risk resilience.
  •  Work from a centralized, single source of truth to identify and assess your IT risk and compliance
  • Remove departmental silos and amplify the impact of existing tools by leveraging data directly from these sources
  • Enable data-driven decision making by providing executives with ready-to-use visualizations and dashboards

Manage the Risks That Impact Your Strategic Objectives

  • Drive your organization’s performance to new levels of success with an effective enterprise risk management program
  • Identify, monitor and manage risks, and report on results
  • Continuously evolve your risk management process to improve compliance, increase public confidence and meet your business goals
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Third-Party Risk Management

Effortlessly scale up your third-party risk to match the growing volume and complexity of your program and regulatory environment. Assess, monitor and mitigate risk posed by vendors and third parties across your entire organization.

  • Manage all your third parties in one centralized platform
  • Register third parties in a few clicks, reducing onboarding time
  • Deliver real-time visibility into third-party risk with ready-to-use visualizations and reports

Ensure Ethical Conduct of Your Vendors & Partners

  • Automate the management of your third-party lifecycle with our advanced workflow and powerful risk rating engine
  • Confidently screen third parties with our AI-powered search and monitoring platform – with greater real-time coverage of negative news and risk information than any other commercial database
  • Leverage analysts and investigators in over 180 countries, providing a unique combination of fixed-scope, risk-based due diligence reports to evaluate third-party risk
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Protect Your Critical Information With Proactive Cyber Risk & IT Risk Management

  • Effectively manage threats and vulnerabilities to prevent costly data breaches and build risk resilience
  • Collaborate from a centralized system to identify, assess and mitigate your risk
  • Automate critical cyber risk and IT risk and compliance workflows, and let advanced analytics monitor and test your controls
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Other Capabilities

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