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Modern Governance

Leading Tomorrow Starts With Good Governance Today

Thriving in today’s complex world requires strong governance practices that facilitate visibility and empower data-driven decisions. Organizations that practice modern governance outperform their peers by 15%.*

modern governance

Board & Leadership Collaboration

Empower high-performing boards and leadership teams to run more effective meetings and communicate securely

Entity & Subsidiary Management

Easily manage entities and support strategic growth initiatives by centralizing the corporate record

Compensation & Governance Intel

Use market and organisational data to design better executive compensation plans and benchmark against peers

Transform How Boards & Leaders Work Together

Conduct board, committee and leadership meetings with confidence, using the #1 board portal software.

  • Save time by digitizing meeting materials and workflows
  • Work together without worrying about security
  • Drive better decision-making with curated data and intelligence

Seamlessly conduct virtual, in-person or hybrid meetings. Assemble digital board books and agendas without version-control issues. Easily take and share minutes, conduct resolutions and hold votes.

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Streamline Entity Governance Without Sacrificing Security

Streamline the management of entities and their regulatory needs, so you can provide the right info to the right stakeholders at the right time.

  • Work from an enterprise-wide single source of truth
  • Easily manage entity and subsidiary information
  • Support strategic growth initiatives
Streamline Your Entity Management Today

Centralize key data, easily manage entities and automate routine tasks.

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Data to Drive Your Organization Forward

Make better, more informed decisions backed by exclusive data and intelligence.

  • Stay ahead of evolving, complex topics like COVID-19 and ESG

  • Benchmark governance and executive compensation practices against your peers and industry

  • Guide and defend decision-making with confidence and advanced data analytics

Exceed Shareholder & Stakeholder Expectations
To get executive compensation right, organizations must incorporate new data sources, bring in more internal stakeholders and align with modern governance practices. Make sure you have the right tools to make the right decisions. 
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Other Capabilities

View more capabilities that are required to achieve business reinvention from a technical, cultural, and adoption standpoint.