Oracle ODBC Installation Guide

The ACL Connector for Analytics Exchange uses Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) to connect to analytic results data on AX Server.

  1. Copy Folder (C:\Users\badlihisham\Downloads\Oracle ODBC Installer\instantclient-basic-windows.x64-\instantclient_12_2) to “C:\oracle\instantclient_12_2” (1SPLN TNS setting already included in the folder) -> Oracle folder in Program Files
  2. Go to Control Panel>System>Advance System Setting>Advance Tab>Environment Variable. Click “Path” in System Variables and Click “Edit”.

  3. In the Variable Value field, insert the path of the copied folder at the last entry and click OK. (C:\oracle\instantclient_12_2).

  4. Then, Create New System Variable as follow then click OK to finish:
    1. Variable = TNS_ADMIN
    2. Value = C:\oracle\instantclient_12_2\Network\Admin
  5. Restart PC.
  6. To test the connection, Go to Control Panel > Administrator Tool > ODBC Data Sources (64-bit) and click System DSN tab then click “Add” button to add new data source. Choose Oracle in instantclient_12_2 then click Finish. (If Oracle data source not appear please restart the computer first)

  7. Fill in the value as per below screenshot. Test the connection using
    1. user = onespln
    2. password = onespln

ACL for Windows 13 (AN) – Test Database Connection

  1. Open ACL for Windows 13 (AN) then go to Import Menu > Database and Application. Click the menu.

  2. Below screen will appear. On the left ( ACL Connector ) click Oracle – 64bit.

  3. Key in the information required for the connection. Then click “Connect” button.

  4. Next screen will appear. On the left top corner is the schema used. Bottom left is the table listing. And top right is the staging area for the import table process.

  5. Connection testing success! . Now user can import table that they want to use.