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Activate ACL Analytics Error due to Website Blocked by Firewall

Analytics and Analytics Exchange require HTTPS connections to HighBond for activation and data import and export. If you connect to the Internet over a proxy server, you must configure the proxy server to whitelist HighBond websites.

  1. Port 443 must be allowed.
  2. *.highbond.com must be whitelisted.

ACL for Windows configurations

ACL for Windows connects to HighBond for two purposes:

  • activation connects using Internet Explorer settings
  • sharing data (upload and download) may require additional configuration if proxy settings are not transparent, such as proxy authentication that does not use integrated Windows authentication

Analytics Exchange configurations

As server proxy settings are often strict and the ACL Analytics Exchange Service account that runs analytics scripts has limited permissions, proxy access can be challenging for AX Server. To enable connections to HighBond over a proxy server, use one of the following approaches:

  • IP/Host rule allow requests that originate from the AX Server IP address to connect to *.highbond.com and do not change the ACL Analytics Exchange Service account permissions
  • Change service account permissions
    1. Grant the ACL Analytics Exchange Service account permission to access the proxy server.
    2. Set up the proxy settings in the Internet Options for the ACL Analytics Exchange Service account.
    3. Use the remaining configuration outlined in ACL for Windows configurations