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HighBond is an enterprise governance software platform that creates stronger security, risk management, compliance, and assurance. Teams can organize their activities in a centralized workflow, and aggregate data for real-time decision-making and reporting. HighBond is suitable to a wide variety of governance, risk, and compliance activities. Access your HighBond projects and data in real-time. We help you configuration over customization, pride ourselves on building an intuitive and beautiful web-based product so you can focus on solving the problems, and built-in data automation abilities from risk assessments to fraud detection to asset tracking, can be highly automated.

Configuration over customization

HighBond is a more prescriptive platform and has many configuration options, driven by years of insight after working with customers who discovered what works and what doesn't.

Cloud architecture

As a cloud platform with quick time to value, we pride ourselves on building an intuitive and beautiful web-based product so you can focus on solving the problems.

Data automation

Get notified as soon as data analysis uncovers a potential issue, and automatically perform a set of actions whenever specific conditions or thresholds are met.


Improving efficiency and effectiveness to audit at the speed of risk

HighBond centralizes and simplifies core risk management activities in a single, integrated platform - across the end-to-end risk process. The software also reduces subjectivity by seamlessly integrating risk indicators into the assessment process. Plus it helps distributed teams identify risks and aggregate risk assessments through remote workshops. As a result, risk management spends less time on process administration and more time effecting change.

Access to multiple instances of HighBond

Each instance in HighBond is a closed and secured system. HighBond is comprised of various cloud apps that each fulfill a specific purpose. You may also have access to Analytics, a desktop application. You will almost certainly find yourself switching between apps as you go about your work.


ACL Robotics

ACL Robotics optimizes the way governance professionals work by automating time-intensive and repetitive—but critical—processes.


Start by selecting your deployment option then decide the right mix of user types to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Power BI

Bridge the gap between data and decision making. Get started with Power BI. Analytics for every organization