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Key Takeaways from Coffee Talk with Diligent- Galvanize is Now Diligent

Coffee Talk with Diligent- Galvanize is Now Diligent

Throwback - Coffee Talk with Diligent : Galvanize is Now Diligent

We had a fantastic webinar on "Galvanize is now diligent" with Robert Luu, Regional Director (ASEAN Market Diligent). Here are five key takeaways from it, pertaining to questions that will surely be of interest for anyone keen on the topic.



The Cusp of The Next Enterprise Software Revolution

Era of ERP (2000’s) – Software companies like Oracle and SAP helped companies manage their day-to-day operations.
Era of CRM (2010’s) – Marketing software from Adobe and Salesforce become integral to business operations, ushering in a new CRM category.
Era of GRC (2020’s) – Rise of stakeholder capitalism mandates a new way of operating. Companies need system-integrated GRC-to ensure they collect new data and don’t miss things.


Questions from Customers
  1. Transformation from Galvanize to diligent will affect to any support for the previous product?
    We still providing the premium customer services to diligent members. The teams are availability to execute any technical support and consulting as well.
  2. Are the transformation bringing a new product or remove any product?
    We will adding a more products, enhancing and improving the products into the suite and get the platform come with a different tools together.
  3. Is there any changes in subscription fee after transformation i.e renewal every year?
    There are changes base on the contract term duration that has been set each year.  



Mission & Vision of this new transformation
Vision: To create a world where every leader is empowered to build successful, equitable, and sustainable organizations.
Mission: We empower transformational leaders with technology, insights and confidence to drive greater impact and accountability through a modern view of governance, risk, compliance and ESG.

Value to Internal Audit
  • Drive Client Impact
  • Champion Modern Governance
  • Be Diligent
Diligent is proud to be shaping the future of modern GRC by building an operating system for purpose-driven capitalism,” said Brian Stafford, CEO of Diligent. “We’re enabling visionary leaders to keep pace with the rising tide of stakeholder capitalism and make progress on ESG commitments. Clients can look forward to a completely integrated platform that covers risk, compliance, audit and governance, and drives enhanced visibility across the entire organization. We’re thrilled to have the talented Galvanize and Steele teams onboard and, together, look forward to creating a positive impact for our clients.
The platform will help client
The Company is creating a comprehensive solution to meet its client’s GRC needs, from IT to the boardroom. The platform will help clients: 
• To implement and measure risk management and controls across the organization;
• To enrich insights with best practice and external benchmarks while strengthening regulatory compliance; and,
• To aggregate data into a holistic view for their leadership teams and board.
Just a few things we’ve helped our customers do
“We make it easy for our customers to make a direct impact on the world every day, and that’s what motivates us to do what we do”.


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