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Galvanize is now Diligent - Governance, Risk and Compliance in One Platform

Galvanize is Now Diligent
Assuring Consulting Sdn Bhd - sole distributor of Galvanize products in Malaysia since 2014, is excited to announce that Galvanize is now known as Diligent -  a combination of Diligent, Galvanize, Steele and Accuvio that aims to deliver the most advanced technology in GRC and ESG domain. Diligent gathers a pool of great talent and expertise together to provide even more powerful solutions and pave the way for our clients to lead with purpose and drive greater impact to the organizations and the world. 
As a leader in modern governance, Diligent helps companies around the world to uphold their ESG (environment, social, governance) commitments. As the leading governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) SaaS company, Diligent serves 1 million users from over 25,000 customers around the globe.
Here’s what you will notice :
  • New Logo: You'll see logo and color changes to our products and marketing materials to better align with Diligent’s brand.


A unified GRC program will digitally transform how your organization collect, analyze and respond to the data. Integrating GRC results in an accelerated progress on key objectives, proactively identify risks, and opportunities, and produce a greater impact.

By bringing together Accuvio, Steele, Galvanize and Diligent under one Diligent brand, we offer leaders a connected view of their organizations, empowering Boards, executives, and leaders at every level of an organization to lead with purpose – not just for shareholders, but also for customers, employees and the community at large.
Modern Solutions for Modern Organizations
Thriving in today’s complex world requires strong governance practices that facilitate visibility and empower data-driven decisions. In a report by Diligent Institute, “A Case for Modern Governance: The High Cost of Governance Deficit”, it is noted that :
  • Organizations that practice modern governance outperform their peers by 15%; and
  • Companies with corporate crisis fuelled by governance deficits underperformed their sectors by 35%.
We understand the organizations’ requirement on good governance, hence our solutions will allow corporate leaders to :
  • Run seamless Board, committee, and leadership meetings – even when remote; 
  • Effectively manage entities, subsidiaries, and corporate records at their fingertips; and 
  • Support financial integrity, investor confidence, stakeholder engagement and sustainable performance.


We have already begun to introduce the arrival of our new solution, Diligent ESG - combining the power of Diligent and Galvanize to our customers. This is only one of many exciting and innovative solutions that will be released from DILIGENT !

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