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Completed Day 2 - MIA Conference 2021!

Completed Day 2 - MIA Conference 2021!
 To wrap up the 2nd day of the conference, we would like to share some key points from today's event. In a discussion on how Accountants can spearhead sustainable business, there are 10 activities that Accountants can focus on:

1. Governance, Championing, and Collaboration

2. Sustainability 101: Information Sharing on the Basics

3. Improving the Reporting Agenda

4. Improving Information Quality
5. Decarbonizing Operations

6. Measuring the Value of Human Capital Resources

7. Improving Supply Chain Oversight

 8. Risk Management: Climate and Other Material ESG Risks
 9. Operations, Strategy, and Planning
 10. Connecting Sustainable Business Performance Measurements to Value

On 10 June 2021, don’t forget to join session CS5B: “High Fraud Risk, High Expectations: Helping Accountants Deliver under High Pressure”. Michael Ngoi, from Galvanize's Advisory & Consulting Services, will be representing Assuring Consulting Sdn Bhd for this session.


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