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AgileAssist powered by Assuring Consulting Sdn Bhd

AgileAssist powered by Assuring Consulting Sdn Bhd

With this AgileAssist subscription, we hope you are able to take advantage of your benefits without having to do paperwork or get approval from management to acquire our analytical development services from our team.


We are very helpful in the way to helps team in Internal Audit Department where the audit work requires quick actions. With this AgileAssist, our technical team will always be ready to support and do "co-sourcing" / "out-sourcing" (much needed) while doing the analytical work. You can call our technical team at any time, according to the AgileAssist number subscribed for the following purposes:


1. “Co-Sourcing” - Your Board can call us to get the script together with the IA's Team. In this way, your team can learn how to develop scripts with our technical team using the "hands-on" method.

 2. "Out-Sourcing" - additional special tasks that require investigative work with very complex data auditing / or required quick work steps that are related to the content. We are happy to take the role in the data analytics part. Our team will provide the documentation for the work process as a reference for your team as well.

We really encourage all organizations to subscribe AgileAssist. Any remaining sessions from AgileAssit in the current year can be taken to the next year according to the terms and conditions of the AgileAssist subscription.


For more info on how to start your subscription for AgileAssist, kindly speak to our representative:

Mobile: 03-3855 0225

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