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The end-to-end GRC platform, designed by industry experts, to create stronger IT security, risk management, compliance, and assurance.

Crystal ball platform insight

Analyze the past to see the future.

Referee your risk and performance decisions with data science. By applying advanced analytics to the data created by your organization’s activity, others will be amazed at the insights revealed.

24/7 automated testing

Just hit the schedule button.

Reduce manual processes and save time by automating and scheduling. Gain full control over how your tests are run, and receive instant alerts if something isn’t working as expected.

Sustainable analytics

Centralize, collaborate, and don’t let your analytics IP walk out the door.

Organizations that don’t embed their data analytics throughout their team and processes are more likely to fail, as staff churn results in lost knowledge. Centralize and secure your knowledge, assets, and data.

IT-trusted, independent data access

Build an IT-trusted pipeline to your source data.

Getting access to critical data for testing and reporting can be a hassle for you and a nuisance for IT. We provide tools to access and blend data like no other. Build trusted connections to either local or cloud-hosted datasets and schedule data pulls during non-peak times, without burdening IT resources.

Keep your data secure & compliant

Make the IT security team your new BFF.

Don’t leave data out in the open. With ACL GRC Analytics Exchange, all data can be kept in one secure location on your server, reducing redundancy and improving security. Move your critical data and analytics information off individual computers to prevent loss due to theft or damage, and comply with security regulations.

Reduce outsourcing

Quit paying for expensive services.

Outsourcing services to analyze your data is like throwing away money. Take control and become sought after within your organization.

Independent, defensible, repeatable

Litigation? Don’t get caught without your activity log.

Your entire data set is protected in read-only format. Every analytic step is recorded to provide assurance and repeatability.