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A simple flexible and cost effective way to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of GRC

Strategic risk view & single source of truth

Show leadership that you’re aligned on strategic risk.

Executives, boards, and oversight committees need intel on what could derail objectives, where, and who is doing what to mitigate risk. And regulators frown on managing strategic risk in flimsy spreadsheets. Get a centrally managed holistic view of your risk balance sheet.

Offline & remote work

No internet? No problem. Use your PC or mobile device.

Even rockstar risk professionals like you need a vacation … or perhaps you’re just out in the field for the week. Not a problem: unplug your PC or your iPad®, do your work, capture supporting documentation, and sync later.

Project management to kill silos & spreadsheets

Your (not so secret) love affair with spreadsheets is holding you back.

Break up with your project management and let technology do your heavy lifting. Plan, manage, execute and report on your assurance projects in one system.

Risk assurance & frameworks

Sleep better knowing your framework is built right into your workflow.

Let the system keep you on track by modeling one or many of these common frameworks into your daily workflow: COSO, ISO, SOX, OMB A-123, Green Book, COBIT, ITIL, SIEM, NIST, SOC, and many others.

360° oversight: triggered workflow remediation for flagged records

Analysis says there’s smoke, but is there a fire?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if a remediation workflow was triggered when data analysis uncovered a potential issue? ACL’s outlier record management workflow helps you collaborate, keep tabs on remediation status, and track it all in a single system designed to fit your needs.

Investigations & forensic workflow

Manage suspicious incidents discreetly.

Security incidents, possible fraud, whistleblower hotlines, special investigations, and forensics may all require escalations and workflow alerts. Manage these in a centralized, permission-based workflow.

Issue management & tracking

You’ve identified issues that need remediation … now what?

Stop tracking issues in email and instead get a macro view of all your organizational issues filtered by entity, by project, by owner or severity—and check the remediation status at the click of a button.

Reporting & visualization

Simplify the noise with tools that easily transform data into pictures.

Senior managers just don’t have time to read the details. Your value is taking GRC complexity and distilling it into a compelling picture, story, dashboard, KPI/KRI, standard or custom report, which can be quickly consumed and acted on.