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ControlsBond simplifies SOX and internal control management, increases assurance, and reduces your compliance costs through automation.

ControlsBond helps organizations manage and automate their internal controls program. Spreadsheets and other legacy tools can’t efficiently manage the complexity of SOX, ITGC, ICFR and OMB A-123—not to mention, they don’t deliver the assurance you need.

By centrally managing and automating control testing and workflows, you can increase your team’s productivity and effectively engage your three lines of defense. Even better, you’ll improve assurance and achieve compliance on time and on budget, boosting confidence from your C-suite and investors.

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Save time and reduce costs by minimizing duplicate work, automating assessments and workflows, and using pre-built templates and frameworks.

Increase management and investor confidence by delivering the assurance they need.

Share real-time updates on compliance issues, remediation tasks, and certification status.

Make your employees happy. Users will love using ControlsBond, it’s modern UI is intuitive and easy to learn.

Engage process owners and the first line of defense to test controls and remediate issues in a single platform.


Controls testing & oversight

  • Get a dashboard view into control status: what’s been tested, what hasn’t, what’s operating effectively, and what isn’t.
  • Build automated workflows to engage process owners and the first line of defense to help test controls, and identify and remediate issues.
  • Pull data from business applications like SAP, Concur, and Salesforce to automate control testing wherever possible.
  • Take photos of evidence during walkthroughs and testing using our mobile app.

Centralized risk & control library

  • Build a risk and control library by importing information from Excel, or use built-in SOX COSO, and SOX ITGC frameworks.
  • Rationalize low-risk or non-key controls.
  • Harmonize controls that comply with multiple regulations.
  • Update risks or controls and cascade these changes to all applicable internal control projects.

Reporting & certification

  • Generate reports for management, PMO, or external auditors—by entity, process, control status, or issues.
  • Demonstrate to your CEO and CFO cross-functional leaders have reviewed testing results and have sub-certified for SOX 302.
  • Get a real-time assurance report card.
  • Track, remediate, and report on deficiencies all within a single platform.

ControlsBond Advantages

Plug-and-Play Platform

Plug-and-Play Platform


Save time and costs with pre-configured solutions, content, and robotics toolkits. Get up and running quickly, increase adoption across your organization, and easily scale your work up or down with a platform that comes configured to your needs.

  • Spend less time on software setup with a made-to-measure GRC solution - Deploy a GRC solution that’s perfectly configured to your area of focus—whether it’s audit, operational controls, compliance, or all of the above. Hit the ground running with pre-built project templates, surveys, and storyboards—plus all the right integrations.

  • Embed ready-to-use premium content into your workflows - Save time, improve collaboration, and maintain consistency in your GRC program with industry-specific best practices, regulatory standards, templates, and guidance. Better illuminate risk and increase coverage using curated risk and control libraries and frameworks.

  • Deploy pre-built robots for automated data integration, analysis, and workflows - Continuously evaluate risk, test controls, and monitor compliance with robots designed to integrate and analyze your data. Ensure streamlined processes across your entire organization with pre-configured workflows for common GRC use cases.

Unified Platform

Unified Platform


Efficiently run all GRC activities across your organization in a unified platform. Collaborate from a single source of truth, eliminate error, save costs, and drive greater confidence in strategic risk management with a unified, integrated, and sophisticated GRC platform.

  • Bring all your organizational data together under one roof - Seamlessly connect your disparate data sources and integrate, analyze, and contextualize your metrics in real time. With instant insights you can strategically manage risk and compliance across your entire organization—and never have to leave the platform.

  • Stay organized, communicate faster, and work smarter using a single platform - With your inventory of risks, controls, third parties, audits, and more, all in one place, teams can work from, reference, and report on shared data. Reduce workloads, increase visibility, and enable more informed decision-making in a collaborative environment.





Improve visibility across your organization with customizable storyboards. Get deep data insights and real-time visibility at a glance. Use customizable storyboards with powerful data visualizations to get a better understanding of your GRC landscape and improve visibility across your organization. 

  • Enjoy low-effort, data-driven decisions with ready-to-use storyboards - Display key business metrics from all your data sources in visual storyboards for quick consumption and action by executives. Provide detailed visibility into your strategy and analysis so stakeholders can make revenue-generating decisions that are backed by data.

  • Improve communication and collaboration with centralized data views - Spend less time compiling data in silos and have a complete visual catalogue of risks and associated metrics on hand. Develop team- and stakeholder-specific reporting dashboards to keep everyone up to date and on the same page.

  • Have instant access to the right data at the right time - Manage real-time findings through tailored storyboards and share performance metrics with one-click reporting capabilities. Communicate progress made against your plans quickly and easily to highlight gaps and increase coverage.

Advanced Analytics & Workflow Automation

Advanced Analytics & Workflow Automation

workflow auto

Advanced Analytics & Workflow Automation. Quickly scale your team’s activities and deliver deeper insights. Drive efficiency and deliver insight with automated workflows and deep analysis. Customize and automate critical workflows to increase productivity and prevent error. Effectively identify and assess risk in real time with integrated analytics.

  • Streamline repetitive tasks and improve productivity - Scale your team’s GRC activities quickly and easily with automated workflows and repeatable processes. Assign tasks, deploy and monitor questionnaires and assessment surveys, send requests and follow-ups, and track your progress against goals—all in a few simple clicks.

  • Expand coverage and surface insight across disparate data sources - Effortlessly connect various tools, workflows, and data sources to meet your unique needs, extend coverage, and produce meaningful analysis. Monitor and test controls against standards and regulations, in real time, using continuously aggregated data from across your organization.

  • Quickly deploy impactful workflow automations—no matter your level of skill - Get up and running faster with pre-configured workflows for common GRC use cases and ensure streamlined processes for internal teams and external stakeholders. Efficiently manage your automations—build, test, schedule, and update—from one place.

Professional Services & Support

Professional Services & Support


Launch a sophisticated, best-in-class GRC program with expert guidance and support. Implement a best-in-class GRC program with help from our team of trusted experts. Have continuous access to industry-leading advisory and support services that are tailored to your unique needs. Work alongside product experts with deep industry knowledge to launch a sophisticated GRC program and demonstrate your team’s strategic value.

  • Get started quickly with custom program implementation and one-on-one onboarding - Work closely with our team to deploy a solution that aligns seamlessly with your environment—set up templates, manage data transfers, and migrate content from existing tools with ease. Map processes and activities to a GRC program that supports your business goals.

  • Level-up your productivity, product knowledge, and career path - Stay on top of industry best practices and new features and functionality with regular, in-person training. Develop your portfolio through CPE credits and certifications, and expand your professional network with access to thousands of like-minded peers across the globe.

  • Access expert advice and assistance, with the flexibility you need - Choose the right level of support—whether it’s high-touch or hands-off—with tiered Customer Success Plans. Keep your GRC program running smoothly around the clock and connect with a real human 24/5, on any issue, to avoid costly disruptions.

Data Security

Data Security


Ensure your data is safe, compliant, completely confidential, and always available. Keep your data secure, available, and strictly confidential. Protect your data with industry-leading secure software. HighBond is built on refined principles and practices and supported by strong security controls to ensure your GRC program runs safely and smoothly.

  • Confidently manage and process sensitive risk-related data - Launch a highly secure GRC solution and keep your sensitive data safe with a FedRAMP and IL5 certified platform hosted on the AWS network. Maintain full ownership of your data lifecycle, from migration to deletion, and have complete control over system access.

  • Ensure you’re compliant with data privacy location requirements - Manage your GRC program from anywhere in the world and choose where it makes sense to store your data—United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Africa, or Asia. Meet your physical, security, and performance needs and maintain compliance with data laws wherever you are.

  • Never miss a beat with 24/7 performance and 99.9%+ uptime - Guarantee the integrity of your data with around the clock security and availability monitoring and hourly data backups. Reduce the risk of security breaches with continuously updated software—enjoy ongoing product improvements you can access without the help of IT.

HighBond Integrations

HighBond Integrations


Easily combine data from all your favourite systems and software. Centralize, scale, and streamline your GRC platform. Easily integrate data from internal systems of record and third-party providers to eliminate manual pulls, gain organizational alignment, uncover deeper insights, and harness the tools you already use.



ACL Robotics

ACL Robotics optimizes the way governance professionals work by automating time-intensive and repetitive—but critical—processes.


Start by selecting your deployment option then decide the right mix of user types to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Power BI

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