ACDA Bootcamp (Beginner - Level 4)

Course Introduction


The objective of the ACL Bootcamp is to acquaint the participant with the primary features of the ACL software system in order to enable him/her to successfully perform data analysis on various types of data files.  The ACL environment will be discussed including navigation techniques, creating and working with ACL projects and views, and the function of the overview feature.  Data access methods will be presented and explained.  Real-world exercises will include the use of the primary ACL data analysis commands including:
Count, Total, Verify, Classify, Stratify, Statistics, Duplicates, Age, Sort, Summarize, Sample, Join, and Export. Graphing, reporting, record filtering, and expression building will also be presented.


Whether you are brand new to ACL or need a refresher on how to make the most of your ACL gear, the ACL Bootcamp is designed to help users of all levels improve their power and flexibility. In this Bootcamp, we’ll show you how to get started with ACL Analytics. In the first 30 minutes, we will cover:


  • An explanation of ACL for Windows vs ACL Analytics

  • How to open an existing project in ACL for Windows Launcher

  • A quick tour of the main ACL Analytics user interface: Navigator, Command-Line, Display Area, Table Layout

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to perform the following basic analysis functions:

    • Summarize

    • Quick Sort

    • Count

    • Quick Search

    • Quick Filter

  • In the last 30 minutes, we will open the floor up for a live Q&A session to answer all of your basic analysis questions.


Who Should Attend:


IS/IT Auditors, Financial and Operational Auditors, Internal/External Auditors, Analysts, Accounting Professionals, Investigators, or anyone interested in learning to use the ACL software system.


Course Prerequisites


You need to complete the ACDA level 1 - 3 before you take the ACDA level 4 as it is mandatory prerequisites. Furthermore, in this ACDA Bootcamp, we will explain briefly the basic topics in data analysis that most probably will be asked in ACDA level 4 examination such as Importing data, Preparing data by performing integrity tests, Analyzing data by filtering, creating computed fields and running commands to achieve objectives, Appending data, Writing basic scripts and Implementing Script Hub snippets.

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