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Technology Partner for Modern Governance

We design our solutions by leveraging HighBond + ACL Solution with more content and add-on solutions to improve the data analytics ecosystem of our clients.

At a Glance

  • For these organisations, we conclude that HighBond delivers a net present value (NPV) benefit between $1.4 million and $3.9 million and an ROI between 375% and 702%. The weighted averages of these results (based on each organisations's team size) equal:
  • Sources: based on Forrester Total Economic Impact Study, May 2019

Leading Tomorrow Starts With Good Governance Today

Thriving in today’s complex world requires strong governance practices that facilitate visibility and empower data-driven decisions. Organizations that practice modern governance outperform their peers by 15%.*

  • Run seamless board, committee and leadership meetings – even when remote
  • Effectively manage entities, subsidiaries and corporate records
  • Support financial integrity, investor confidence, stakeholder engagement and sustainable performance

Provide Visibility Into Risk & Mitigate the Cost of Managing It

Empower executives with visibility into risk – and deliver the confidence that comes from strategic risk management based in best practices.

  • Identify, assess and remediate risk in a comprehensive, unified risk program
  • Consolidate risk data across the entire organization
  • Save time and resources by implementing automated workflows based in a unified methodology across risk areas

Create a Culture of Compliance & Ethics

Compliance at every level of the organization and across the value chain is critical to protecting your brand and achieving strategic objectives. Real-time, enterprise-wide oversight ensures compliance teams, boards and leaders have the insights they need to foster a culture of compliance and integrity.

  • Help employees understand and comply with internal policies, so they act with integrity when faced with ethical decisions
  • Promote clear visibility into compliance behaviors through real-time dashboards, metrics and reports
  • Open a direct line of communication between the compliance team and the board and C-suite

Conduct & Complete More Audits in Less Time

Shift from check-the-box audits to being a trusted advisor with end-to-end management of the audit life cycle. Drive impact by strategically aligning audits to the highest priority risks. Provide real-time visibility into the audit progress and insights – so boards, leaders and stakeholders can make informed, revenue-generating decisions.

  • Centralize audit management, streamline audit tasks and automate audit workflows
  • Swiftly identify the riskiest audits, manage issues and perform remediation
  • Deliver continuous assurance, monitoring and insights

Our Clients Say It Best

"The first year we ran our projects (using HighBond), we identified about $14.7 million of risk items. This has gone down significantly to about $794,000, which is good for us—it means that, through our analytics, we’re able to enact changes within the processes."

Dior Silo

"My people now are enthused and excited to work. They’re actually performing at a much higher level. And time is so much more available when you’ve got an automated process—they used to spend literally dozens and dozens of hours doing manual work papers"


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